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Other online stores selling our wood-fired pizza ovens and BBQs to Europe

Because at the moment we are not shipping our products to the UK you will not be able to buy them in this store.

But in case you'd like to buy any of our BBQs or outdoor pizza ovens with delivery to any EU country you'll be able to do it through:

Brasaovens ®

in case you are looking for portable pizza ovens, like the Fiesta oven or Brasa oven and you'd like to deliver it in France you can go to four a pizza Brasa, un four à bois portable 
this is an outdoor portable pizza oven that weighs only 60 Kg, is fully insulated and has a large internal cooking surface of 600x600 mm allowing you to cook with the traditional cooking trays and pots that you would use in any of the daily recipes that you'd cook in a traditional kitchen oven.
It is a very versatile oven, made to be easily handled by two people and to be left outdoors the whole year-round. Because it is made with 304 stainless steel it won't deteriorate or rust with snow and rain. And, since it's made of steel you can cook on it the whole year because it will not fissure or crack with damp and cold days.
In this store, we have another portable pizza oven selling and delivering in France, the four à pizza portable Fiesta 
This is a smaller version of the Brasa, also made in 304 stainless steel but, this one is not insulated and it has a smaller cooking surface of 470x470 mm.
It's ideal for pizza lovers since it takes almost no wood to reach 450ºC. In less than 20 minutes you will have the perfect temperature to cook the perfect pizza.

We also have the entire variety of barbecues you can see here. So, in the case of wanting to purchase one with delivery to a house in France, you can do it by going to In this online store, all the prices quoted already include the delivery to any part of France continental barbecues en pierre et briques. There you will find a wide variety of brick and stone barbecues and also full outdoor kitchens for gardens and outdoor patios.

All our BBQs are made with very solid construction and include a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.
They are delivered in a flat pack with instructions on how to build/assemble them.

You can also buy these products with delivery in Portugal or Spain.
From our Brasaovens® online store, you'll be able to pay with PayPal or Bank Transfer.

In case you want a BBQ delivered to Spain you can go to barbacoa de obra

There you can choose from 4 languages. The store operates in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Very soon we will also include German.

Please visit us at Brasaovens®