Small Outdoor Pizza Oven 80 cm

SmallOutdoor Pizza Oven 80 cm

• It's a traditional outdoor wood-burning pizza oven beautifully built with refractory clay bricks, base size 80 x 80 cm, handmade in Portugal
• The pizza oven comes fully operational, even without any of the options.
• It will arrive at your doorstep packed in a wooden crate.
• Its standard configuration includes a steel door and chimney outlet with valve.
• Options for this oven are:
⇒ Stainless steel door
⇒ Door thermometer
⇒ 1m stainless steel chimney tube and cap

The quoted price on the pizza oven includes the delivery to your doorstep!

the quoted price includes delivery in any EU country


pizza oven built with refractory clay bricks - outdoor pizza oven dimensions and weight - 80 cm

pizza oven dimensions and weight - 80 cm

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