Wood fired oven CLIBANO with bouble brick insulation

Wood fired oven CLIBANO with bouble brick walls

• It's a wood fired pizza oven built with double walls in refractory fire brick for a perfect insulation and heat retention
• External dimensions: W110 x D110 x H90 cm
• Internal dimensions: W90 x D68 x H65 cm
• Weight: 775 Kgs
• The oven is equipped with a built-in thermometer 0 - 500º C
• 10mm Aluminium oven door with tempered glass window: 39,5 x 30 cm
• Chimney outlet diameter: 14cm
• The chimney tube and cap are optional
• 2 years warranty

the quoted price includes delivery (UK mainland)

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The oven weighs 775 Kgs.
Below are the interior dimensions of the oven
internal dimentions of the wood-fired pizza oven CLIBANO - BragaOvens

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