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FIESTA Portable pizza oven

the FIESTA portable pizza oven is a wood-burning pizza oven

♥ EASY , VERSATILE and FUN to USE !! ...

• The easiest portable pizza oven in the market. You just need to plug the chimney into place, fit the refractory fire brick in the oven and it's ready to use.
• This portable oven weighs only 22 kgs fully equipped. So, it's very easy to have it in the garden on a nice sunny day and store it indoors whenever you're not using it.
• It has double stainless steel walls to keep the heat inside it and a refractory fire brick.
• Comes with a built-in thermometer 0 - 500º C
• The oven is ideal for a pizza party but it will also roast meat, vegetables, etc ... it bakes a pizza in less than 2 min
• Heats up to 350ºC in less than 7 min
• It bakes a perfect and delicious 12in (30cm) pizza in less than 2 min

£415.00 £390.00

Outdoor Pizza Oven 120 cm on Sale

Traditional Outdoor Pizza Oven 120 cm on Sale

• It's a traditional outdoor wood fired pizza oven beautifully built with refractory clay bricks, base size 120 x 120 cm, handmade in Portugal
• The oven comes fully operational in a block and packed inside a wooden crate.
• The quoted price includes delivery to your doorstep.
• Its standard configuration includes a steel door with a thermometer 0-500ºC
• Options for this oven are: 1m stainless steel chimney tube and cap

£681.00 £625.00

Outdoor Pizza Oven REALEJO

Outdoor Pizza Oven REALEJO Premium 
sizes: form 90 cm to 130 cm

• The REALEJO outdoor pizza oven is shipped in a block.
• The pizza oven is made in several layers of refractory clay and ceramic fiber.
• Finishing the outdoor oven is a final layer in projected colored cork. The cork gives it extra resistance to the weather elements when installed outdoors and is also another layer of insulation.
• The oven is equipped with a cast iron double door 10 mm thick. On sizes 90cm up to 110cm the oven door is 40 x 31 cm, while, on sizes 120cm and 130cm the oven door is 46 x 31 cm.
• The oven equipped with a built-in thermometer 0 - 350º C
• The chimney tube and cap are optional

£988.00 £910.00

Outdoor BBQ with pizza oven & sink DIY 143

Outdoor BBQ with pizza oven and sink DIY 143

Beautifully built outdoor BBQ with Pizza Oven and Sink. Complete outdoor kitchen with wood fired pizza oven, barbecue grill area and sink ready for DIY. Easy self-assembly!

Pizza Oven (wood fired) size: Ø 75 cm (diameter) - Oven Fuel: wood
• BBQ Grill size: W:60 x D:40 cm (steel plated grill included) - BBQ Fuel: charcoal
• BBQ Grill has a removable ash collection tray for easy cleaning
• 3 Adjustable cooking heights
Stainless steel sink (included)
• Made with refractory bricks
• We ship the the outdoor kitchen in parts ready for DIY, in 3 EURO pallets • 1681 Kgs Shipping included to your doorstep in the quoted price
• Comes with instructions on how to assemble.

£1,999.00 £1,899.00

Pizza Oven Tool Set Stainless Steel (4 pieces)

Pizza Oven Tool Set


(15 % immediate discount when bought with an oven or an outdoor kitchen)

4 piece (Stainless Steel 304) Tool Set for pizza ovens is composed of

• Pizza peel
• Wood poker
• Coal scoop
• Brush


Pizza Oven Tool Set wooden handles (5 pieces)

Pizza Oven Tool Set

(15 % immediate discount when bought with an oven or an outdoor kitchen)

5 piece tool set for pizza ovens is composed of

• Pizza peel
• Wood poker
• Coal scoop
• Ash pan
• Brush