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Outdoor pizza oven in refractory bricks


Traditional outdoor pizza oven in refractory bricks

• It's a traditional pizza oven made with refractory fire bricks for a perfect insulation and heat retention
• Made in two sizes 100cm and 120cm square base
• Weight: 100cm = 700 Kgs ; 120cm = 900 Kgs
• This oven is equipped with cast iron door and thermoceramic glass: 37 x 32 cm
• The oven is equipped with a built-in thermometer 0 - 350º C
• Built in traditional artisan way with the highest quality refractory materials
• The oven is delivered already built ; no assembly required
• The chimney tube and cap are optional
• 2 years warranty


Outdoor Pizza Oven REAL


Outdoor Pizza Oven REAL Premium 
sizes: form 90 cm to 130 cm

• The REAL outdoor pizza oven is shipped in a block.
• The pizza oven is made in several layers of refractory clay and ceramic fiber.
• Finishing the outdoor oven is a final layer in projected colored cork. The cork gives it extra resistance to the weather elements when installed outdoors and is also another layer of insulation.
• The oven is equipped with a cast iron double door 10 mm thick. On sizes 90cm up to 110cm the oven door is 40 x 31 cm, while, on sizes 120cm and 130cm the oven door is 46 x 31 cm.
• The oven equipped with a built-in thermometer 0 - 350º C
• The chimney tube and cap are optional


Outdoor Pizza Oven VICTRUS

Outdoor Pizza Oven VICTRUS Premium

• The outdoor pizza oven is shipped in a block and ready to work, there is no assembly required!
• This pizza oven is made on several layers. The 1st layer is a refractory clay shell, and then, the pizza oven is coated with a ceramic fiber and, only after, it's covered with expanded clay.
• The finishing of the pizza oven is a cover in coloured mosaic. It can be red, blue, black or white.
• The oven is equiped with a cast iron double door 10 mm thick.
• Oven sizes up to 110 cm are equiped with a door 40 x 31 cm with 1 hole for 1 Manual Rotisserie.
• Oven sizes form 120cm onwards are equipped with door 46 x 39 cm  with 2 holes for 2 Manual Rotisserie.
• Chimney outlet diameter: 15cm


Pizza oven 100cm & accessories BUNDLE

Pizza oven 100cm with accessories BUNDLE

Included is:

• A white traditional outdoor pizza oven 100cm built with refractory clay bricks, base size 100 x 100 cm, with a steel door 37 x 30 cm (a stainless steel door is optional)
Door thermometer 0 - 500º C
• 1 meter (stainless steel) chimney tube and cap ø14 cm
Manual Rotisserie (stainless steel)
• 4 piece stainless steel tool set with wooden handles, composed of • Pizza peel • Wood poker • Coal scoop • Brush
• It will arrive at your doorstep packed in a wooden crate 


Pizza oven with trolley/stand Brasa


The BRASA pizza oven with trolley/stand renders the oven easy to handle by a single person.
The pizza oven is fully insulated with ceramic and has its (large surface 600x600mm) floor covered with 30mm thick fired bricks for high performance and long hours of cooking.

The trolley designed exclusively for the BRASA pizza oven is made in 100% stainless steel, with wheels and two shelves to support bakeware and kitchen pots, or utensils.
This trolley is very easy to assemble and allows mounting in 2 heights, 90cm and 85cm.

Because both the oven and trolley are made with high-grade stainless steel, they can be left outside without deteriorating.
Excellent equipment for those who love cooking with woodfire while enjoying the company of friends and family.


Portable pizza oven Fiesta Silver


♥ EASY , VERSATILE and FUN to USE !! ...

• The easiest pizza oven you'll find! Plug the chimney into place, fit the refractory fire brick into the oven and it's ready to go.
• This oven weighs only 22 kgs fully equipped - have it in the garden on a nice sunny day and store it indoors when you're not using it.
• Made with double stainless steel walls and a removable refractory fire brick for insulation and heat retention.
• It has a removable thermometer 0 - 500º C with a 200 mm probe into the shanber for accurate temperature readings
• It's ideal for a pizza party but it will also roast meat, vegetables, etc ... and bakes a perfect and delicious 12in (30cm) pizza in less than 2 min !!