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All weather cover for pizza ovens 80-100cm

Pizza oven all weather cover

All weather cover for pizza oven sizes 80, 90 and 100 cm.
• The cover is made in PVC to keep your oven in excellent condition throughout the years.
• Highly recommended for all pizza ovens installed outdoors 


All weather cover for XL pizza ovens 110-120cm

Pizza oven all weather cover XL ovens

All weather cover for pizza oven sizes 110 and 120 cm.
• The cover is made in PVC to keep your oven in excellent condition throughout the years.
• Highly recommended for all pizza ovens installed outdoors 


Black Brasa - Wood fired outdoor pizza oven

The Brasa pizza oven is a modern state-of-the-art oven that will cook two stone-baked pizzas at once in less than 2 minutes and is still completely portable!

The Brasa oven has a large internal cooking area measuring 600x600mm. It weighs 60kg (40kg with the bricks removed). It can be either built-in or placed on a table/ stand - the oven is completely insulated. It can easily be moved around your garden. It will even fit into the boot of your car (fits into a hatchback boot such as a VW Golf).

FIESTA Portable KIT in a BOX

the Fiesta pizza oven KIT in a Box

All you need for a pizza party is in the Box:
• 1 x Fiesta pizza oven (BLACK or SILVER)
• 1 x Pizza peel
• 1 x All weather cover for the oven

it's easy, it's versatile and it's entertainment guaranteed for all your friends and family !! 

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the Fiesta Pizza Oven KIT in a Box that arrives at your doorstep has all you need to start baking those perfect pizzas you love!... not just pizzas, it cooks everything a wood fired pizza oven can cook...

All parts on the pizza oven and pizza peel are made in 304 stainless steel and all handles are oak wood.

The oven has (two walls) an outer and an inner wall, both 1,2 mm thick. On the BLACK oven the outer wall is painted in high temperature paint that can stand up to 750ºC, on the SILVER oven, the outer wall is left unpainted, pure plain stainless steel 304.


Outdoor BBQ with pizza oven & sink DIY 143

Outdoor BBQ with pizza oven and sink DIY 143

Beautifully built outdoor BBQ with Pizza Oven and Sink. Complete outdoor kitchen with wood fired pizza oven, barbecue grill area and sink ready for DIY. Easy self-assembly!

Pizza Oven (wood fired) size: Ø 75 cm (diameter) - Oven Fuel: wood
• BBQ Grill size: W:60 x D:40 cm (steel plated grill included) - BBQ Fuel: charcoal
• BBQ Grill has a removable ash collection tray for easy cleaning
• 3 Adjustable cooking heights
Stainless steel sink (included)
• Made with refractory bricks
• We ship the the outdoor kitchen in parts ready for DIY, in 3 EURO pallets • 1681 Kgs Shipping included to your doorstep in the quoted price
• Comes with instructions on how to assemble.


Outdoor Pizza Oven - BASIC

Outdoor Pizza Oven - BASIC Mediterranean
sizes: form 80 cm to 130 cm

• The BASIC mediterranean outdoor pizza oven is an oven with no chimney. For this reason it's an oven that can only be istalled outdoors.
• Interior in refractory clay coated with ceramic fiber and expanded clay
• The finishing is in colored projected cork
Steel plate 2mm thick double door: 39 x 31 cm
• Oven sizes from 80cm up to 110cm have only one hole on the door for one manual rotisserie. Sizes from 120cm onwards have two holes on the door for two manual rotisseries at the same time.
• Comes with a built-in thermometer 0 - 350º C