Portable pizza oven

are you a serious pizza lover?
then, the « FIESTA » pizza oven is for you!!


1. It's very easy to install and weighs only 20 Kgs !! ... NOT 500 or 600 kgs like the other wood fired ovens!

2. It reaches 500ºC in just 10 min.

3. It's a BIG pizza oven - it has a large 45 x 55 cm internal cooking space that will cook 2 (two) pizzas at the same time in just 2 min.

4. It's a SMALL portable oven - it will fit into the boot of any car - You can have it in the garden, take it to a picnic or to a friends or family house ...


Portable Pizza Oven - MONTANA

For pricing call 02081 445359
the portable pizza oven is a wood fired oven

> this pizza oven weighs only 45 kg in total
> it's portable and ideal for a pizza party!...
> it heats up to 350ºC in just 15 min - it's very efficient!

This oven is ideal for a picnic or to go camping with you. Fits in the boot of any average car... your guests are going to love it !! ...

Pizza Oven FIESTA only £399.00
Pizza oven Fiesta

Montana Oven Tool Set

2 piece stainless Steel tool set with wooden handles, specialy designed for the MONTANA Portable Oven:

Composed of:
- Pizza peel
- Brush

Cover for the MONTANA Oven

Cover for the Portable Pizza Oven MONTANA

- the cover is waterproof
- the interior is lined with a soft cloth