pizza oven brasa

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Pizza oven with trolley/stand Brasa


The BRASA pizza oven with trolley/stand renders the oven easy to handle by a single person.
The pizza oven is fully insulated with ceramic and has its (large surface 600x600mm) floor covered with 30mm thick fired bricks for high performance and long hours of cooking.

The trolley designed exclusively for the BRASA pizza oven is made in 100% stainless steel, with wheels and two shelves to support bakeware and kitchen pots, or utensils.
This trolley is very easy to assemble and allows mounting in 2 heights, 90cm and 85cm.

Because both the oven and trolley are made with high-grade stainless steel, they can be left outside without deteriorating.
Excellent equipment for those who love cooking with woodfire while enjoying the company of friends and family.