Outdoor Pizza Oven VIRIATO

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Outdoor Pizza Oven VIRIATO, a premium oven

• The outdoor pizza oven is shipped in a block and ready to work, there's no assembly required.
• This pizza oven is made on several layers. Starting with an internal layer of refractory fire bricks that are covered with a ceramic fiber blanket coated with mortar and then, finished with the outer mosaic. It has an optimum insulation and performence!
• The oven is equiped with a cast iron door 10 mm thick that has a tempered glass window and adjustable air-vent.
• The oven size is 100 x 100 cm external, and, internal diameter of Ø72cm usefull cooking area.
• It can be equiped with a builtin termometer 0-500ºC (optional).
• Chimney outlet diameter: 15cm

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