Outdoor Kitchen DIY 145

Complete outdoor kitchen with Pizza Oven, Grill and large Sink • DIY 145

Beautifully built outdoor kitchen with Pizza Oven, Grill and Sink. Comes complete with everything you see in the picture and ready for DIY in your garden.

Pizza Oven (wood fired) size: Ø 75 cm (diameter)
• Grill size: W:60 x D:40 cm (steel plated grill included)
• Grill has a removable ash collection tray for easy cleaning
• Gril has 3 adjustable cooking heights
Stainless steel sink (included)
• Made with refractory bricks
• We ship the the outdoor kitchen in parts ready for DIY, in 3 EURO pallets • 1835 Kgs Shipping included to your doorstep in the quoted price
• Comes with instructions on how to assemble.

the quoted price includes delivery in any EU country

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