mosaic pizza oven

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Outdoor Pizza Oven VICTRUS

Outdoor Pizza Oven VICTRUS Premium

• The outdoor pizza oven is shipped in a block and ready to work, there is no assembly required!
• This pizza oven is made on several layers. The 1st layer is a refractory clay shell, and then, the pizza oven is coated with a ceramic fiber and, only after, it's covered with expanded clay.
• The finishing of the pizza oven is a cover in coloured mosaic. It can be red, blue, black or white.
• The oven is equiped with a cast iron double door 10 mm thick.
• Oven sizes up to 110 cm are equiped with a door 40 x 31 cm with 1 hole for 1 Manual Rotisserie.
• Oven sizes form 120cm onwards are equipped with door 46 x 39 cm  with 2 holes for 2 Manual Rotisserie.
• Chimney outlet diameter: 15cm