Portable pizza oven Fiesta Black

the Fiesta pizza oven is a portable wood-burning pizza oven

♥ EASY , VERSATILE and FUN to USE !! ...

• The easiest portable pizza oven in the market. You just need to plug the chimney into place, fit the refractory fire brick in the oven and it's ready.
• This oven weighs only 22 kgs fully equipped. It's very easy to have it in the garden on a nice sunny day and store it inside whenever you're not using it.
• Built with double stainless steel walls for insulation and a refractory fire brick to retain the heat.
• Comes with a built-in thermometer 0 - 500º C
• The oven is ideal for a pizza party but it will also roast meat, vegetables, etc ...
• It bakes a perfect and delicious 12in (30cm) pizza in less than 2 min

the quoted price includes delivery (UK mainland)

Delivery date: 1 week
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100% made in Portugal

the small pizza oven - FIESTA - weighs 22 Kgs in total
here you have the measures that make it a fully portable wood-fired oven
small pizza oven, measures of the FIESTA portable wood-fired oven