FIESTA Portable pizza oven

the FIESTA portable pizza oven is a wood-burning pizza oven

♥ EASY , VERSATILE and FUN to USE !! ...

• The easiest portable pizza oven in the market. You just need to plug the chimney into place, fit the refractory fire brick in the oven and it's ready to use.
• This portable oven weighs only 22 kgs fully equipped. So, it's very easy to have it in the garden on a nice sunny day and store it indoors whenever you're not using it.
• It has double stainless steel walls to keep the heat inside it and a refractory fire brick.
• Comes with a built-in thermometer 0 - 500º C
• The oven is ideal for a pizza party but it will also roast meat, vegetables, etc ... it bakes a pizza in less than 2 min
• Heats up to 350ºC in less than 7 min
• It bakes a perfect and delicious 12in (30cm) pizza in less than 2 min

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The FIESTA portable pizza oven is 100% made in Portugal with 304 (european grade) stainless steel.

It's a wood-burning pizza oven, NOT a wood pellet pizza oven.

It has double 1,2 mm thick stainless steel walls. This double walls are 10 mm apart for heat retention.
The oven comes equiped with a highest quality refractory fire brick on the ovens floor that you can remove from the back of the oven (for easy transportation). This refractory fire brick (460 x 460 x 12 mm) will retain the heat inside the oven and radiate it for a long time.

It comes with a thermometer that has a 200 mm probe going into the fire chamber, giving you an accurate reading of the temperatures inside the oven.

The door opening is 400 mm wide by 175 mm high allowing to cook with kitchen pots, trays, etc... because the FIESTA portable pizza oven is not just for cooking pizzas, although it will bake a perfect pizza in less then 2 min !! ...

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