BrasaOvens - Manufacturer of wood fired ovens

BrasaOvens is based in Portugal.

BrasaOvens® is a Trademark registered in Portugal.

BrasaOvens® is owned by Predictable Spring. with VAT registration ID - PT 514887117.


we make and sell our pizza ovens and barbecues online at:


We are holders of patents and design registrations of pizza ovens that innovate in terms of design, efficiency and robustness. We mix production techniques and traditional materials with innovativeness.

We work with manufacturers who are in this area of production for several generations to execute our products. Our products are 100% handmade in Portugal.

We aim to take the quality of our products to more and more people at the best price. We send our pizza ovens and BBQs directly from the factory to your doorstep. This allows for greater quality of goods & service at the lowest price.


Pizza ovens and BBQs from Portugal
by BrasaOvens®