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Portable pizza oven - a revolutionary concept!

portable pizza oven MONTANAthe portable pizza oven


It's a completely new and revolutionary concept,
the portable pizza oven is here to revolutionize the way people cook, bringing back that unique wood fired cooked flavor into our homes, everyone's home!

Until now, a wood fired oven would require special logistics to be installed. This ovens were massive, weighting from 500 to 850 Kgs, they required special stands and some kind of machinery to put them in place.

Only big houses with big gardens could afford a wood fired oven...

With the arrival of this new concept, the portable wood fired oven, things are changing and every home can have one. No special logistics involved, and you've got a wood fired oven delivered at your doorstep with no issues. Its simple, its fast, its affordable and they are real wood fired ovens.

There are already a few in the market, as you will find out if you Google "portable pizza oven". There are those specially designed for cooking pizzas, that will only cook a pizza, and the others, that will cook pizzas and also other more elaborate slow-cooking dishes.

The MONTANA portable pizza oven is one of this ovens that are great for pizzas but it can cook far more than just that. It can be used to slow-cook dishes such casseroles, roast joints of meat, stews, and even bake bread ... you name it, it will cook it!
The MONTANA oven comes with a removable door, chimney valve and a built-in thermometer, which enables you to control the temperature, whilst cooking or backing. Essentially you'll be able to cook most things you would in a conventional gas or electric oven, but with the added benefit of a wonderful smoky flavor in the food.

The oven is made with the highest quality materials and refractories and insulators. It's made in stainless steel 304 and the exterior skin is made in 1.2mm aluminium painted with a powder coating system. With this materials, stainless stell and aluminium, the MONTANA portable pizza oven is garanted agains rust!
Between the interior and exterior skins there's a ceramic fiber blanket to guarantee an optimum insulation that will keep the interior of the oven as hot as possible while ensuring the exterior is at a safe temperature when in use.
The refractory clay bricks on the oven's floor are 3 cm thick and help absorb, radiate and keep the heat from the fire inside the oven.

Cleaning the oven couldn't be easier, you can use a soft wet cloth and a small amount of soap/washing up liquid.

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Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza oven - the ROYAL MediterraneanOutdoor pizza oven on sale
"the making of" this great oven

I'll be talking about this great oven, while guiding you through the making of the ROYAL Mediterranean Outdoor Pizza Oven.

1. Making of the ROYAL Mediterranean outdoor pizza oven

2. Diferent color finishings in projected cork 

3. Final customers photo gallery

My goal is to explain why its one of the best wood fired ovens there is in the market and call your attention to details that make the difference to the other wood fired ovens there are in the market.


1. Making of the ROYAL Mediterranean outdoor pizza oven

Stage 1 - Making of the internal shellsoutdoor pizza oven ROYAL - Making of the internal shells

The inner shells are made with pure natural clay.
We start by making the core shell with natural clay - they are hand made!
We make them in different sizes, but with the same format, resembling an helmet. Different sizes because we make this oven in different sizes, of course ! ... :) sizes range from 90 cm to 150 cm.
They are left to dry between 20 to 30 days. Depending on the time of the year it will take more or less to dry out completely before they can be used in the coming stages.

This shells are the core element of every oven we make. It's inside this shells that we will light the fire once the oven is finished.


Stage 2 - Building the main structure of the ROYAL oven   making of the outdoor pizza oven ROYAL stage 2

Now that the shells are completely dry, they are ready to be used, and we will start building the main structure of the oven.

So, the refractory clay shell (from stage 1) is placed on a base built on reinforced expanded clay.
It's this base that dictates the size of the finished oven. When we say a 100 cm ROYAL oven, we are referring to the size of the base of the oven, and, not to the diameter Ø of the internal shell.

Making of pizza oven ROYAL The 100 cm ROYAL has a Ø 80 cm shell, the 110 cm has a Ø 90 cm shell inside, and the 90 cm ROYAL oven will have a Ø 70 cm shell inside it, and so on... That is why on an 100 cm ROYAL oven we'll have a internal usefull cooking space of Ø 80 cm.

Now, we go on to build a brick arc that will sustain the door of the oven, and on top of this arc we place the chimney outlet.
This is the main structure of the oven.
It's left out to dry off completely till we can move onto the next stages.

From this point on we will start adding layers of insulation that will add up to make the final oven.


Stage 3 - Layers of insulation     making of the ROYAL outdoor pizza oven, stage 3    

Only when the main structure of the oven is finished (from stage 2) and 100% dry, we arrive at this stage 3, where we start adding the final layers that build up the insulation of the ROYAL outdoor pizza oven and that make its final shape. 

The outdoor pizza oven - ROYAL - has 3 layers of insulation:
1st layer of insulation is expanded clay, that is applied directly on top of the core shell (from stage 1). 2sd layer is a ceramic fiber blanket. And then, there's a 3rd layer of expanded clay that goes over the ceramic fiber blanket. 

Outdoor pizza oven - making of - cast iron doorNow we wait till the oven is completely dry and we place the door and thermometer on it.
There are 2 types of doors that can be applied on the oven at this stage. A double cast iron door or a double iron plate door.
The ROYAL pizza oven is equipped with the double cast iron door and, the FUMO pizza oven is equipped with the double iron plate door.
The door is the only difference between this two ovens, the ROYAL and the FUMO, apart from that, they are exactly the same oven, built the same way and with the same materials.
The thermometer has a long 40 cm probe that goes right into the center of the ovens dome to measure the inside temperature.


2. Diferent color finishings in projected cork

pizza oven is coated with projected cork to give color to the ovens After the oven is completely finished and 100% dry it goes into the final stage, the different finishings.

Colored projected cork gives an extra and final layer, adding to a perfect insulation, and at the same time, adding color and personality to the pizza oven. There are many colors that can be given to this oven with the projected cork.

This coat of projected cork, gives the oven another layer of insulation, but at the same time, it also hides or disguises any possible fine line cracks that might appear on the deeper layers. Note that, cracks on a wood fired oven, are normal! and they don't affect the performance of the oven! ...

outdoor pizza oven projected cork colors
(projected cork available colors for the pizza oven)


3. Final customers photo gallery

Outdoor pizza oven, pics sent by customersoutdoor pizza oven, onother pic from customerand yet another pic of an outdoor pizza ovenPizza oven, pics sent by customers

ROYAL Mediterranean outdoor pizza oven (on sale)