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Fiesta All weather cover

Fiesta Portable pizza oven - all weather cover

This is a all weather cover, specially tailored for the Fiesta pizza oven.
It's waterproof and UV proof keepping your Fiesta protected from all weather elements.

The cover is kept on it's place dispite the weather by an elastic cord lock.


Cover for the Brasa pizza oven


Keep your Brasa pizza oven in pristine condition with our all-weather cover, which was tailor-made for this wood-fired oven. The cover is a must-have if the oven is to be left outdoors all year round.
It will protect your oven from rain, snow, dust, rain, and UV rays all year round.

The cover is made from PVC on the outside and coated on the inside with a soft cotton fabric that protects the painting of your BRASA Oven.

The cover is kept in place with an elastic cord lock.