Why a portable pizza oven?

Most people nowadays will never taste food cooked in a wood fired oven and even fewer will ever have the experience of cooking in one.

Why?  Most times it has to do with required space to install or build a traditional wood oven.

A traditional wood oven is built with bricks, clay and cement making it very heavy and taking a lot of space whether indoors or in the garden.
A traditional wood oven, once installed or built, will stay there for the rest of it's days, because you don't move around an oven weighing 500 to 900 Kgs with ease.

That's where the portable pizza oven comes into it's deserved and right place:

1 - It's easily handled by a single person - it can be in the garden on a nice sunny day or you can bring it inside if the weather is not so good.

2 - Because of its size and weigh you can take the portable pizza oven on a caravan or in the car boot and go for a picnic or holiday taking it with you.

3 - You can lend your portable pizza oven to neighbours, friends and family!...

4 - Again, because of its size it can be stored anywhere. If your not using it you might want to store it where it's not using space, in a shed or garage.


Portable Pizza Oven


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