Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza oven from Braga-OVENS

We have a wide variety of pizza ovens for indoor and outdoor use. Ovens with and without chimney and on different sizes and finishing colors. We also have a Portable pizza oven 'MONTANA' for the outdoor that you can have in the garden one day and the day after take it camping or to a picnic, and after using it, you can store it in the shed or the garage, because it's so easy to handle !! ...

All quoted prices on our online shop include delivery to your doorstep !!

Portable Pizza Oven - MONTANA

For pricing call 01423 780780 or 07535 538608
the portable pizza oven is a wood fired oven

> this pizza oven weighs only 45 kg in total
> it's portable and ideal for a pizza party!...
> it heats up to 350ºC in just 15 min - it's very efficient!

This oven is ideal for a picnic or to go camping with you. Fits in the boot of any average car... It is also very handy to have at home. On a nice sunny day take it to the garden. Your guests are going to love it !! ...

to buy this pizza oven in the UK please visit -> The Pizza Oven Shop

Outdoor Pizza Oven 100 cm

Traditional Outdoor Pizza Oven 100 cm

- It's a traditional outdoor wood fired pizza oven built with refractory clay bricks, size 100cm, handmade in Portugal
- The oven comes fully operational, even without any of the options.
It will arrive at your doorstep packed in a wooden box
- Its standard configuration includes a steel door and chimney outlet with valve and the thermometer.
- Options for this oven are: Stainless steel door and 1m stainless steel chimney tube and cap.

Manual Rotisserie

Stainless Steel manual Rotisserie

Adjustable stainless steel Rotisserie that fits any of our wood fired oven sizes: 90 - 130 cm

The manual stainless steel Rotisserie is completely adjustable to the oven and food you are cooking